10-12ml Syringe Only


The Exel 10-12ml Syringe Only are packaged without needles. The syringe is designed with a positive plunger stop to prevent spillage when drawing and a smooth plunger motion. The crystal-clear barrel has easy-to-read, large bold print. Two tips are available including the Luer Lock With Cap and the Luer Slip With Cap. Available in bulk and tray packs.

  • Sterile, Non-Toxic, Non-Pyrogenic
  • With Cap
  • Positive plunger stops to prevent spillage when drawing
  • Smooth plunger motion
  • Crystal clear barrels
  • Easy to read, large, bold print
  • This product does not contain Natural Rubber Latex
  • Available in bulk

Pieces: 800

Weight: 21.80 lbs (9.89 kgs)

Packages: Available 100 per box; 800 per case

Dimensions: Length: 30 in x Width: 14 in x Height: 12 in (762 mm x 356 mm x 305 mm)

Specifications vary slightly between sizes. Packaging subject to change.

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